Friday, August 27, 2010

Review: Shield of Stars

In her former life, Weasel knew crime. Now with help from Justice Hollis, he's walking a straight path. When guards come into their home late one night, they catch the two in the act of writing letters of treason against the corrupt Regent. Weasel escapes into the night, but the guards take Justice Hollis to the dungeon.

Weasel knows he must free the man who gave him a second chance. He sneaks into the palace and finds the Prince. The young Prince at fifteen has no legal rights, but Weasel knows he must try. He makes his case to the Prince who allows a trial to begin in two weeks time. That will give Weasel time to make his plan, except that he's taken and thrown into a cell as other conspirators fill the dungeons.

A girl already resides in the cell. Immediately, Weasel takes a look at his surroundings - ready to break out of the cell. Together, they pair make their way outside the palace. Weasel knows he needs to round up help for Justice Hollis - and he has two weeks to come up and execute a solid plan.

With the help of Arisa, his prisoner friend, and a shield he stumbles upon, will he save the man who's become a father figure to him?

My Thoughts: I couldn't put down the first book in The Shield, Sword, and Crown series. I love the danger, adventure, the planning, and a hint of romance. The book contains similar elements to Bell's Knight and Rogue series. I can't wait to read the next chapter.

Cover: Awesome!

Source: My Library.

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