Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Review: Sons of Liberty

When one runaway slave returns by force to the plantation by a cruel bounty hunter and dogs, two boys find themselves in trouble – deadly trouble. In order to avoid death, they run from the plantation in search of a man who just might help them survive.

They believe Benjamin Lay will help hide them until they can find a safe place. While trying to find him, they run across William Franklin, son of Benjamin Franklin, conducting experiments of electricity through animals. The boys become infused with powers they don’t understand. Their eyes glow and they can become extraordinarily strong and athletic.

The boys might be just what the country needs in times of trouble and injustice. They simply need to stay hidden and keep their powers to themselves to survive.

My Thoughts: When I saw the title, I immediately thought this was a book set during the days before the American Revolution - and about the group responsible for the Boston Tea Party. I was wrong. This start of a new series that blends history with the supernatural is very intriguing. I love the artwork; it simply leaps off the pages. However, the story is a little confusing as it jumps around. It’s hard keeping track of the people and pieces of the tale that do not seem relevant. I’m curious to see where this series will go next.

The Cover: I Love it! Very eye Catching.

Source: reviewed for - where I gave it 4 stars

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LM Preston said...

I love the art also! The cover is definately appealing.