Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Upcoming Books I'm DYING to read (part 1)

I've been drooling over these books as I can't wait to read them!

New series by the author of Luxe
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Paranormal boarding school
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Love the cover of this historical novel set in the mid 1800s
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A blind girl is kidnapped during a car theft and held for ransom - sounds terrifying
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Sleeping Beauty retold - love the cover
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LOVE LOVE LOVE this author
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Love this author and monsters in high school sounds really fun
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I really like this author's debut novel Esspresologist.
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Romance gone wrong - sounds heartwrenchingly good
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The 4th book in this cute series
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lisa and laura said...

Bright Young Things looks SO good. I love the cover. And I hadn't heard of some of the others. So many good books coming out! And so many already out that I haven't read yet! My TBR pile is going to be taller than me!

Bookalicious Ramblings said...

Great list - I added quite a few on Goodreads, but I suppose I'm most excited about BYT! :D

LM Preston said...

I added some of your spotlight reads to my to-be pile. Thanks for sharing.

Amy said...

So am I retarded and just never noticed that you include a link to add each book to a GoodReads account?? That is genius! But also evil because it makes me add tons more books to my virtually infinite list!

Bookworm said...

Pies & Prejudice looks ADORABLE--that series is always cute! Also, BRIGHT YOUNG THINGS looks very promising...thanks for posting! (: