Thursday, June 3, 2010

Review: Trail of Fate

At the end of KEEP OF THE GRAIL, Tristan's desperately trying to return to England under the orders from his commanding knight carrying a very precious cargo. He washes up on shore and wakes up to find himself surrounded by swordsmen.

Much to his dismay, he's in France. The leader of the swordsman is Celia doesn't want to let him go. Luckily Robard Hode and Maryam (Robin Hood and Maid Marian) eventually find him. Celia has enough trouble of her own. She's bringing her people to a safe haven where they can defend themselves against corrupt religious leaders.

Tristan has no doubt that Sir Hugh will catch up with him, he knows it's just a matter of time. He wished to be in England before that happened, but fate brings him to a fork in the road. When Celia lets him go, he could return on his journey or he could stay and help Celia fight against prejudice. Once he makes his choice, he stays to fight for Celia, not knowing that Sir Hugh will be upon them shortly. Will his remaining with Celia and her people bring more trouble than help to them? Will Sir Hugh finally capture Tristan and his most prized possession?

My Thoughts: This 2nd book picks up directly after the cliff hanger ending of book one. Spradlin never lefts on the action, danger, and friendship between these three travelers. There's a sprinkle of romance in this book, which adds to the great adventure. I adored this book, it's another fast read with tons of action and turns to keep you guess.

The Cover: Eye-catching

The Source: My Library

Up Next: Book 3, Orphan of Destiny comes out in October!

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