Monday, June 14, 2010

Review: Kiss of Death

Claire just made a deal to save her life, but before she can meet her end of the bargain, she and her friends gain passes out of town. Record producers want to hear Michael perform. Claire, Eve, and Shane will accompany him to Dallas. They can't believe their good luck, until they learn they will be escorted and supervised by Oliver.

First, Oliver disappears on business. Then they offend people at a truck stop. They find a nearby motel to crash for the night. Instead of a peaceful night, though, trouble finds them. The men from the truck stop torch their car before they go missing. After shopping for a new car, Claire, Eve, and Shane return to the motel to find the police waiting for them. They're arrested in connection with the men's suspicious disappearances. They know it will be nightfall before the rescue party comes knocking, but the vampire rescuing them is the vampire who wants to kill them.

Now, they're fighting for their lives once again. Will the human trio become a vampire snack, or will Oliver be their only chance at survival?

My Thoughts: Claire and her friends find deadly trouble wherever they go, even outside Morganville. KISS OF DEATH continues in this series of wild adventures, fatal danger, and trouble at every turn. Through it all, these four friends remain together and united. Rachel Caine delivers another winning chapter of this addicting series.

Cover: It rocks!

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LM Preston said...

I love the cover too! It really matches the theme of the books.

Jessica said...

I loved when I finally figured out who was pictured on the cover! Sooo not who I expected. Every book in this series just keeps leaving me with a bigger cliffhanger to ponder until the next one comes out...absolutely addictive!

Jennifer Rummel said...

I think I missed that - who is it on the cover?

Jessica said...

At the end when Claire's trying on the wigs, she wears the one with the long pink hair...