Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Review: Mini Shopaholic

Becky Brandon love shopping - nothing has changed. She and Luke are living with Becky's parents as each house they attempt to purchase falls through. They're running out of space with all Becky's purchases.

When the economy takes a nose-dive, Becky promises not to shop for more clothes until she's worn everything in her closet three times.

It's proving harder than she anticipated, especially since her no frills half sister helped catalog all items of clothing she owns. She couldn't hide any!

Add their daughter Minnie who has entered the terrible two phase and Luke is very concerned as she also adores shopping. She already has a thing for brand names items and wants EVERYTHING.

Will Minnie turn into a shopaholic just like her mother? Will Becky learn to rein in her purchases with this mini break from shopping?

My Thoughts: I adore Becky -she's funny, smart, sneaky, stubborn, and above all amusing. I love this series because it's like chatting with an old friend. She simply brings a smile to my face.

The Cover: I Love this cover. It's super cute, unfortunately, it's the UK cover. The US cover has yet to be revealed.

Source: Someone very nice from Random House sent me an ARC after a chat on twitter (THANK YOU!)

This one comes out Sept. 21st

Author Fun Fact: Sophie Kinsella also writes as Madeleine Wickham

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