Friday, June 18, 2010

Review: Writing Jane Austen

Georgina Jackson has forty-eight chapters written for her sophomore novel, except they're all Chapter One. She simply can't move forward. When her agent rings and demands a meeting, she knows there's going to be sharp words exchanged.

Instead, Georgina's in for a shock. She's being offered the role of a lifetime, an opportunity most authors would kill to achieve. Someone recently discovered a never-before-seen chapter of a Jane Austen novel. It's been authenticated and her agent demands that Georgina finish the book.

Georgina knows nothing about Jane Austen and she has no desire to start learning. However, the advance would be substantial, and when Georgina discovers that the monies might be her only chance at remaining in England, she agrees to write the book in twelve weeks.

First, she must learn about Jane Austen, and then she must come up with an idea, and transfer that idea into a manuscript. Georgina's certain she's doomed to fail, but with her landlord, Henry, his sister, Maud, and flatmate, Anna, propping her up, she just might be able to accomplish the impossible.

My Thoughts: Elizabeth Aston writes an amusing tale about the discovery of Jane Austen after avoiding the author like the plague. She humorously focuses on the pains of writing, including the need for many breaks, procrastination techniques, and how to duck phone calls and dodge unwanted visitors. She details the joys and annoyances of friendships and adds a dash of romance to this entertaining read.

Cover: I'm not crazy about it, but it fits nicely with the story

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