Review Policies

Thank you for taking the time to read my review policy before submitting your request. I really appreciate it.

Reviews: I read roughly 300 books a year. I know the books I'm going to read usually a month or more in advance. I review roughly 3-5 books a week.

I read mostly YA fiction (of all kinds, though I gravitate to romance, strong girls, and fantasy. I do also adore adult cozy mysteries and regency periods (almost anything with Jane Austen). 

* If the book is part of a series, I'm strict about reading in order. That being said, I don't mind starting a new series if it's something I'm interested in reading *

*I do not review self-published novels. Currently I am not accepting e-books or pdf's for review as I do not have an e-reader. I'm a print book person.*

My reviews include a summary of the novel's premise and my honest reaction to the book and my thoughts on the cover. The majority of my reviews are positive since I tend not to waste time on books I do not enjoy.

I will consider all review requests that meet the above guidelines. Though requests from publicists, authors, and publishers who I have worked with in the past will be given top priority.

If you think the book in question would  interest me,  please send an e-mail to including the title, author name, blurb, and other relevant information.

I appreciate all emails that I receive  Often, I'm so busy at work that it's hard for me to answer emails. I answers the ones I'm interested in and many times the rest go unanswered. I apologize profusely for it.

Interviews/Guest Blogs: I prefer to interview an author only if I've read and recommend their novel. I am willing to host both authors and other bloggers. Please contact me at to arrange interviews or guest blogs.

Contests/giveaways: I would love to host contests and giveaways, preferably for books/authors I am familiar with. Please e-mail me at to arrange a contest and/or giveaway.

Compensation: I do not receive monetary compensation for my reviews although review copies may be provided by the author, publisher, or a publicist. I keep a fair amount of the review copies I receive but I also use them for summer reading prizes to teens at my library. These free copies do not guarantee a positive review. I reserve the right to write negative reviews.

I do not host advertising.