Friday, November 2, 2018

Christmas Book Review: Alaskan Holiday

Alaskan Holiday

Josie has a job lined up in Seattle, but while she's waiting for it, she takes a summer job at a lodge in Alaska. She wasn't sure she was going to like it there in the remote town, but she grew to love the beauty of the place and made great friends. One friend, Palmer, doesn't want her to leave.

But his marriage proposal doesn't go the way he hoped. Josie can't pass up the opportunity in Seattle. Plus, she's not sure that she could live in Alaska. But she does enjoy Palmer's company and she might even love him.

Palmer decides to be patient. Maybe he can convince Josie of his feelings for her and ask her again in a romantic way. Once Josie leaves Alaska, maybe she'll realize how much she'll miss it - and him. 
My Thoughts: I really enjoyed this one. I loved learning more about Alaska and now I really want to visit. I liked the proposal scene and the what happened next. I felt badly for both Josie and Palmer, but I loved that she didn't give up her dream job to stay. The story is sweet and entertaining.

Cover Thoughts: Gorgeous. I'm ready to move there
Source: My Library
Library Recommendation: A must have for your holiday romance collection - it's a requirement to have a new Debbie Macomber book at Christmas time.

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