Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Mini Review: WWI for Kids

 This book comes out a month before the 100 years anniversary of the dominoes that led to the Great War that changed the world

The Good: I love the set up of the book - lots of photos, sidebars, activities, and maps that break up the text. I love how well rounded this book is - not just looking at one country's part in the war, but following everything has a whole. I liked reading about the secret treaties and how both sides didn't want to anger the Americans to bring them into the war. I liked reading about the tactics of war and the ideas of the leaders that failed. 

The Bad: I'm not crazy about Kids being in the title, because I think it's a book that would work well with teens and that might put them off from choosing this book (although it's kind of a nit picky thing)

Overall Thoughts: An excellent resource for anyone looking to learn more about the war - and very timely. 

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