Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Books I'm Dying to Read: July Edition

Here's a list of books I can't wait to get my hands on come July - perfect for summer reading

In the Mood For Love: I love this small town romance series set in Vermont
Sweet Spot: Really liked her debut novel - this one a the prequel.

Lucky Me: Breaking Chain letters - this takes me back! 
Memory Maze: Really liked the first book. Excited to see what will happen next.

Silver Shadows: OMG - after that last cliffhanger, I really need to read this one!
On the Fence: Secrets and a romance with the boy next door? Yes please!

Embers and Ash: The final book in this action packed trilogy
Midnight Thief: A thief and a knight joining forces - in order to survive.

Wildflower: Loved this one - my review
Just Like the Movies: Loved this one - review coming soon.
Bridge from Me to You: The new girl in town and football hero find each other - one has a secret, one has a problem. They fit together.

Young World: Sickness - population destroyed - teens saving the world
No Dawn without Darkness: I read the first book and need to read the second.

Through to You: One note can change everything
Kiss of Deception: A Princess keeping a secret can't go through with her marriage under false pretenses and everything changes.

Year of Chasing Dreams: This cover caught my eye, I used to love Lurlene McDaniel as a teen. It's time to start reading her books again.
Swan Point: More in the Serenity Sweet Magnolia series!!!

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Jessica said...

Ah, a lot of good books release in July! And my Birthday is in July, too! I think I know what I'm going to be getting then. ;) Lucky Me, On the Fence, Wildflower, Just Like the Movies, and The Bridge From Me to You all look amazing! And I know my mom is looking forward to swan Point! :)