Sunday, February 4, 2018

Take Your Child to the Library Day

Yesterday was the 6th annual national Take Your Child to the Library Day. Each year people are throwing bigger and bigger events and getting tons of people coming to the library.

This year, we had a wolf themed event - mostly because it coincided with the wolf track events which we were already planning. The wolf tracks have facts about wolves and then lead to a display on wolf books.

We purchased some fun new books for the event.

Around the room at all the tables, we had wolf stations with crafts:

We had a little library play station

We had a how to draw a wolf cub station for older kids

This one is my favorite - a Wolf Crime Scene where you fill out paperwork on the wolf, creating a story along the way

A arctic wolf craft

Coloring Sheets - All Wolves of course

A wolf mask

The only thing we didn't have was a wolf at the library. Oh, well there's always next year!

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