Friday, February 2, 2018

Romance Review: Moonlight Over Manhattan

Moonlight Over Manhattan (From Manhattan with Love, #6)

* End of a trilogy *  
After a difficult childhood, Harriet came to rely on her twin and older brother. Now that her siblings have found true love, she’s ready to take back control of her life. So she's going to do something challenging every day, something that scares her. 

Harriet attempts online date, but it's an epic disaster.She twists her ankle jumping out of a bathroom window to escape a date. But she does meet a handsome doctor who looks at her ankle.

Dr. Ethan Black isn't having the best night in the E.R., in fact he's surprised when he meets Harriet. She's not the typical patient and that intrigues him. But knowing his relationship hang ups, nothing happens.
The two meet again when her dog walking business collides with his life. His sister leaves her dog with him for a few days. Ethan isn't used to having a dog in his life and the second meeting between the two doesn't go well. Ethan comes home to chaos after a horrific day and loses his temper causing Harriet and Madi discomfort.
Ethan has to convince Harriet to leave Madi with him. But she rearranges her schedule to give Madi more attention. Dog sitting is outside her comfort zone, but talking to Ethan isn't anymore. The more time she spends with him, the more she relaxes with him. Ethan knows there’s something about Harriet, but he also knows that he’s terrible at relationships. Is it worth the risk?
My Thoughts: I loved this trilogy about the three siblings finding love. I love how Harriet challenges herself and gain confidence. The challenges lead to some funny moments, but also some very serious reflection. I love her conversations with Ethan and how they both grow more comfortable with each other. I loved Ethan's friend from the ER. Of course I loved the bit in Vermont and seeing old friends from the Snow Crystal resort. It was wonderful to see old friends again. 

Cover Thoughts: Charming
Source: My Library
Reviewed: Fresh Fiction (upcoming)
Library Recommendation: Grab this trilogy for your public library!

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