Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Review: Amina's Voice

Amina hates the spotlight; she has a hard time projecting her voice. Even though she loves music, Amina would rather stay in the background. But she at the age when everything starts to change.

Her best friend is just about to become a US Citizen and she's thinking of changing her name. Soojin wants a more American name. Amina can't imagine calling her best friend by another name. Emily starts hanging around both girls. Amina isn't interested in Emily's friendship but Soojin befriends her.

Amina's uncle is coming to stay with them for a time. He's stricter than her parents. His ideas make Amina nervous - especially the ones about music.

Music soothes Amina's soul. With all the changes in her life, it's the one thing that gives her joy. Especially after someone vandalizes their mosque. Can she use music to help her and other heal?
My Thoughts: I really enjoyed this book. I loved Amina's struggle to find her voice and her courage. I enjoyed the family dynamics. I really loved the Oregon Trail game - brings me right back to my childhood. I liked the food descriptions and the family celebrations. My heart broke when the mosque was vandalized. But I loved how the community came together to help. I really enjoyed the friendship moments between Soojin and Amina and the new friendship with Emily. 

Cover Thoughts: I love the colors. Enticing.
Source: My Library
Fun Fact: I read this for the shortlist of the Middle Grade Cybils Awards.

Library Recommendation: Grab this one for both school and public libraries!

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