Friday, January 19, 2018

Blog Tour: Princess Pulverizer


Meet the princess who'd rather wear a suit of armor than a crown!

Princess Serena (or as she prefers, Princess Pulverizer) doesn't want to be a princess--she wants to be knight! But her father, King Alexander of Empiria, thinks she still has a lot to learn when it comes to exhibiting valiant behavior. So he presents a challenge: the princess must first go on a Quest of Kindness and perform good deeds to prove that she truly deserves to go to knight school. With help from a friendly dragon named Dribble and a perpetually terrified knight-in-training named Lucas, can she complete her quest and discover what it really takes to be a hero?


 Nancy Krulik is the author of more than two hundred books for children and young adults, including three New York Times Best Sellers. She is best known as the author and creator of the Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo; George Br
own, Class Clown; How I Survived Middle School; and Magic Bone book series. Nancy lives in Manhattan with her husband, composer Daniel Burwasser. When she's not writing, Nancy can be found reading, going to concerts, traveling, or running around Central Park with her crazy beagle mix, Josie.

I really enjoyed this book. From the very beginning it hooked me.  Princess Pulverizer knew what she wanted and she went after it; she wasn't going to let anyone tell her differently. I liked her determination. I really liked the idea if a Kindness Quest. I loved the dragon and the knight she met along the way. I love their team work. I wish I had a dragon who made me grilled cheese. Looking forward to their next adventure!

8 Ways for you to show kindness:
1. Leave an anonymous nice note on a school locker or in a library book
2. Donate gently used books to a school or public library
3. Volunteer somewhere - anywhere
4. Donate food to your local food shelter
5. Make some no sew blankets or ties for animals in shelters
6. Help our your neighbors with an errand, shoveling, raking leaves...
7. Send cards to military overseas
8. Bake something delicious and give to your local fire station, police station, post office, library....

How do you show kindness?

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