Saturday, February 11, 2017

Summer Reading: Build a Better World Program Ideas (3)

I know it's February, but summer will be here before you know. Deadlines are looming for performers and/or community magazines. I've started pulling together ideas on Pinterest. I'm planning to concentrate on building activities and STEAM programs. But Pinterest as so many great ideas that it's hard to choose. So I'm sharing my Pinterest finds. I hope you find them useful.

More Building Projects:
Let students learn how math concepts are connected to the real world as they design their own 3D TINY HOUSE!  Area, perimeter, and geometry-- math is everywhere in this project based learning activity (PBL). Designing, creating, and problem solving are key features of this resource. Build a Tiny House! $:
A Tiny House
Giant Cardboard Maze (Rachel Moani):
A Giant Maze

Tektonten Papercraft: Harry Potter Papercraft: Quidditch Field:
A Quidditch Field
The Best Cardboard Robot Costume #14:
A Robot
A nine hole miniature golf course made from cardboard boxes. A great way to keep kids entertained while they are stuck inside and a fun way to learn about physics.:
Mini Golf Course

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