Thursday, May 14, 2009

Suzi Clue: The Prom Queen Curse

Suzi Clue has a locker right next to the school's Queen Bee Gigi (and Prom Queen shoo- in). Right before the prom queen candidates are announced, Gigi meets with an unfortunate accident. She declines the nomination for prom queen because of a note claiming this year, the prom queen will be cursed. Suzi overhears Gigi and her clique talking about the note in the bathroom. Immediately her ears perk up. She wants to know who scared the Queen Bee and why. It's clear she's not going to get much help from Gigi who can't be seen conversing with a lowly freshman. Instead, as the candidates start dropping out of the competition, Suzi steps in. She doesn't want to win - not that she could anyways. Will something stop her too from becoming prom queen and solving the curse?

Seems like it's mystery week here on the blog. I didn't plan it, but I really do enjoy a good mystery. I'm happy that more mysteries seem to be appearing for teens. Most of my mystery reading consists of adult series. Suzi Clue: great title, great cover, lots of fun. Plus it surrounds prom - which is something girls in my library can't get enough of. It's currently sitting on my prom display. I bet it won't be there for long before someone gobbles it up. It's a fun entertaining read with a snarky best friend, a crush on a foreign exchange student, and a rebel girl who likes Nancy Drew.

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Bookjunkie said...

i loved loved loved this book!! Suzi is a great role model for high school girls...she makes me want to dye my hair, play the drums and just be MYSELF....every girl should read this book!!