Monday, May 11, 2009

King's Rose: a misleading read

Catherine Howard has captured the King's eyes. Henry the VIII showers her with jewels and dresses. The Howard family wants nothing more than their relative sitting next to the King on a throne. They'll do anything to push Catherine further into his path. 15 year old Catherine still naive when it comes to men. While she loves another man, she realizes the power and pride she's find once she becomes queen. She does as her family bids and accepts the King's hand in marriage. In doing so, she believes that the King loves her and will except her as an equal. But she also must hider her past life behind her - mostly her past lovers. While her heart doesn't belong to the King, she knows she must act a certain way. She tries to please the King and give him a heir but when everything she tries fails, she must make a decision that could cost her her life.

I felt mislead by this book, not that it wasn't a good book - BUT it's looked upon as a historical ROMANCE novel. While it's a wonderful historical fiction novel, it doesn't ring true as a romance novel. Catherine's story rang true with drama and emotions high. It's a fast enjoyable read and with the eye catching cover, there's sure to be plenty of readers devouring this book.

Did anyone else feel mislead by it?

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