Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lovestruck Summer

Quinn loves music so much so that she calls up her favorite music label late one night and offers herself us a summer intern. It's perfect because the label's in Texas, right where her cousin has a condo. She can't wait to spend her last summer before college on the music scene. Quinn's in for a rude awakening. First off the girl who meets her at the airport, isn't the girl she remembers. Instead Penny's become a sorority girl. Second, the intern position is already filled, but Quinn squeaks by helping out during the busy days. That leaves her with days to fill, trying to escape her cousin. She's searching for the perfect summer fling and she's found a smoking hot DJ that fits her ideal. But she's been spending a lot of the time with Penny's neighbor who is infuriating but nice at the same time. He takes Quinn out on adventures all over Austin. He mocks her seriousness towards music - forcing her to listen to country of all things. Quinn's not sure if she hates him or if it could be something else entirely.

Melissa Walker's new book take a different approach from her Violet series, but it's the perfect summer romance novel. Music combined with romance, friendship, and trying new things leaves Quinn a summer she'll never forget.

Melissa is all over the web these days:
Interviews: with Linda Gerber, with YA Fresh, and with Lucienne Diver

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Plus, Check out the booktrailer I made:


Bookworm said...

Oooh, this looks so good! Definitely email the trailer to Melissa, I'm sure she'd love it!!! Great job.

Melissa Walker said...

So awesome! I love the song you picked! Thank you, Jennifer!