Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Being Nikki:

Emerson Watts - in Nikki Howard’s body - returns to Nikki’s home from a photo shoot to find a stranger waiting for her in the apartment’s lobby. He reveals that he’s her brother – when she thought she was an orphan. It’s hard enough trying to keep up with the world, but now her brother drops a bomb on her. Their mom is missing.

Em/Nikki doesn’t know what to think of this information. She doesn’t remember her mother or her brother. Plus, she’s got a sneaking suspicion that Stark Enterprise might know more than they’re saying. Nikki already suspects Stark of bugging her apartment. Who’s to say they haven’t gone farther?

She’s made a deal with her brother to help find their mother. In a moment of weakness, she confides in Christopher. He’s willing to help her find her mother – for a price. In exchange, he wants a login and password for Stark Enterprise. Em/Nikki gets caught up in a plot to ruin the company she works for while trying to uncover the mystery surrounding her mother’s disappearance.

A little science fiction blended with both mystery and romance equals a great series. The secrets uncovered in BEING NIKKI will leave the reader eagerly awaiting RUNAWAY – a sign that Meg Cabot rocks yet again.

PS. Meg Twitter about the review! How awesome is that?

A video by Meg on Being Nikki on location!

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