Thursday, August 22, 2019

Review: Brazen and the Beast

Brazen and the Beast (The Bareknuckle Bastards, #2)
* Book 2 in the Bareknuckle Bastard series *
Lady Henrietta Sedley has plans - BIG plans. This is the year of Hattie and she's ready to accomplish all the things on her first. She wants her father to stop thinking about her as a woman and more as an heir. It's clear her brother can't handle the shipping business. She has the skills and the abilities. But first she needs to make sure that marriage is off the table - which leads her to Covent Gardens.

Unfortunately, her brother left and unconscious man in the carriage. And when he wakes, he and Hattie have words. From that moment, everything she's planned for becomes derailed. However, Whit might be willing to help her...for a price.
My Thoughts: Of course I loved this book. It might be my new favorite of Sarah's books, but then again, I typically think that. I love this family and I'm dying to see how the next one plays out.

I loved Hattie - for her brains, her determination, her curves, her dreams, and her big heart. I loved her friendship with Nora. I love Nora's driving of the carriages. I loved seeing characters from other stories pop up and to check in one them. I loved learning more about Whit. And of course the banter between Whit and Hattie was amazing. 

I love how Hattie saw her future and reached out to take it. She had a plan. She believed in herself. And she wasn't about to let anyone, not even the most handsomest man of her acquaintance stop her. I loved the idea of the Year of Hattie. It was inspiring! Another wonderful feminist romance from Sarah MacLean that devoured.

Cover Thoughts: Amazing
Source: BEA ARC

Library Recommendation: Sarah MacLean is a Must Have Author for your library's romance collection.

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