Saturday, August 17, 2019

Bookstore Romance Day

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Today is the first annual Bookstore Romance Day!

Bookstores across the nation are hosting romance author events at their store!

Romance books are THE biggest books in the publishing world. It's a Billion dollar industry. Especially now when the world is a trash fire and we all need a little happiness to hold on to.

Is your local indie hosting an event? Check the website to find out!

Two local bookstores near me are hosting events. Sadly, I'm a Saturday Librarian today and won't be able to attend either event, but I'm there in spirit. And I'm so happy they're hosting events.

There are bookstores who turn their noses up at the genre of romance. And they're silly.

If you don't have a local indie bookstore - head for your library and ask them for their romance book suggestions.

What's the last romance book you read?

I spent yesterday reading this gem.
No Judgements by Meg Cabot

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