Monday, January 21, 2019

Review: Fire & Heist

Fire & Heist
Sky's family is different from other families - she's a wyvern (a human capable of turning into a dragon). Sky used to have the perfect life, but that was before. Now her mom's missing, her Dad isn't talking, and her family's become outcasts. Her boyfriend and her friends all dropped her.

It doesn't help that her mom was stealing from her ex-boyfriend's family. In the wyvern world, stealing isn't a crime. It's celebrated. Unless you get caught.

Sky isn't about to let this go. She needs to know what happened to her mother. When her ex-boyfriend shares some information, she eagerly starts putting together a crew of her own. It's time for her first heist and to find out the truth - or die trying.
My Thoughts: First I love this author. But she had me at heist and again at dragon. I loved how Sky was determined to uncover the truth about her mom's disappearance. I admired how she put together her crew - even after her family rejected her idea. I loved learning about their wyvern history. I enjoyed the moments between Sky and her brothers - both the banter and their sibling bonding moments. I love Gabriela. I loved the twists that I didn't see coming.

Cover Thoughts: Fun
Source: ARC sent for review

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