Friday, January 11, 2019

Graphic Review: Kristy's Big Day

Kristy's Big Day (The Baby-Sitters Club Graphix #6)

* Book 6 in the Graphic BSC series 

Kristy's mom is getting married and Kristy gets to be in the wedding. The only problem - the wedding is in two weeks and they're moving before the summer ends. Plus with the wedding moved up so far in advance, families are coming in early to help - with their kids. There will be fourteen kids in all!

It's the perfect job for the Baby Sitters Club. But can they handle all the kids and find time to help get ready for the wedding?
My Thoughts: Another fun addition to this series. I loved seeing all the kids together and the way the club handled different crisis. I can't wait for Boy Crazy Stacey!

Cover Thoughts: Cute
Source: My Library
Library Recommendation: A must have series for your school and public libraries 

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