Saturday, September 9, 2017

Where I Was (part 2)

After hiking Rim to Rim in the Grand Canyon, we traveled to Vegas for some R&R. I know that doesn't seem logical, but...that's who we are. I wanted a place with a fun pool. Of course I did some reading by the pool.

I saved Kristan Higgins's new book for this trip. And of course, it was amazing. I couldn't put it down.

We also went to a wax museum, my first time. It was fun, but it took a bit to get into it.
 Here are some of my favorite photos.

Singing with the Rat Pack

The Hulk grabbed me.

Box Out, Box Out!

Then we just walked around a bit and looked at everything.

We got to visit with some friends for drinks.

Plus I got to chat with an author friend. Sadly, we didn't take a picture this time. 
But you can read about the first time that we met here!
And her books are amazing!

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