Friday, September 22, 2017

Adult Review: On Second Thought

Two sisters' lives change on the same night. What's supposed to be a celebration of Eric being cancer free turns into a tragedy. Kate's husband of four months dies in a freak accident. Eric, who was about to propose to Ainsley, takes it as a sign and breaks up with her.

After spending eleven years with Eric, Ainsley is blindsided. Since their neither the house nor the finances are in her name, she's in serious trouble. Not knowing where to turn, she shows up at Kate's door.

Kate's been dealing with her own grief. She didn't get enough time with her husband; they were still learning about each other. She's living in a house that isn't hers and she's lonely.

Even thought Kate and Ainsley aren't close, they need each other now more than ever. 
My Thoughts: I Loved this book. It's sent in the same town as If You Only Knew, so it was nice to see some old favorite characters. I enjoyed the relationship between the sisters. Being 10 years apart and half siblings, it's easy to see why they were never close. But I love how they lean on each other through their tough times and get to know each other better. I felt terrible for Ainsley dealing with all the fallout from her Eric's choices. There were times I wanted to smack her, but that worked itself out. I enjoyed her moments at work, her being late and her talking back to the boss. I felt bad for Kate as she dealt with grief, knowing her grief wasn't as much as other people in her husband's live who had known him longer. I loved the humor and the sweet moments. Most of all I loved the journey from the ashes to the phoenix and I think it was even sweeter because they helped each other. Another fantastic book from Kristan Higgins that I devoured. 

Cover Thoughts: Subtle, but effective
Source: Purchased
Library Recommendation: Public Libraries: Grab this one immediately for your adult fiction section if you don't have it already.
Where I Read This: I saved it for vacation reading, poolside in Vegas.

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