Friday, September 8, 2017

Where I Was (part 1)

So, we've been planning this trip for a little over of a year. 

We hiked Rim to Rim (roughly 20ish miles) over the course of three days.

We hiked and camped. And then we finally made it out. 

It's awe inspiring and hard to process the beauty of it. We took a bunch of pictures, here's just a handful. 

Here's the canyon the day before we went down. Plus you can see the rain cloud over the canyon.

Day One: We started in the dark and it was REALLY cold. Here the light is starting to come up.

Day One: Gorgeous

Day Two: This was the easiest hiking day. 

Although I felt like I was in Lord of the Rings - as part of the fellowship.

Day Three: Almost out.

There's the top!

The last little 3.5 miles was ROUGH. And maybe the 1.5 before that was tough.

But I did it! And I feel accomplished!!

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