Monday, January 30, 2017

Mini Review: This is Our Story

It's been 10 years since Taylor Swift had her first song debut on the radio. She's only grown since then.
The Good:
* I learned a lot about Taylor Swift
* I couldn't put the book down
* Great pictures
* Reading this made me want to go back and listen to her songs - ALL of them

The Bad:
* No photo captions
* Some of the interviews were too similar

Final Thoughts:
I really enjoyed this book and I think fans will love it.

I remember the first time I heard Taylor Swift - I was driving home from work when I still worked in Rhode Island (I had an hour drive). I heard Tim McGraw and instantly fell in love. I knew the girl signing that song was going to be huge. What I adore about her songs is that they tell a story.

I've been trying to think of my Top Ten Favorite Songs of Taylor Swifts and it's really hard.
Long Live
Begin Again
All Too Well
Shake it Off
Last Kiss
Back to December
Out of the Woods

See it's just impossible. Too many great stories in these songs.

Are you a Taylor Swift fan? Which song is your favorite?

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Jessica said...

I need to see if my library has this book, because I would really like to read it! And as for my favorite Taylor Swift songs? There are so many, but a few are Red, Holy Ground, Our Song, Shake It off, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, All You Had to Do was Stay, Mine, and Fearless! But honestly there are so many more that I love, too!