Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Happy Library Shelfie Day!

Today is the day to take shelfies of all your book shelves or just some of them if in my case you have too many and they need some straightening. I have six major bookshelves. Four in my library/craft room with books I've read, books from my childhood, books to read, and of course signed books. Then I have two in the living room with books to read - mostly ARCs. And I have a small bookshelf on an end table for library books, which never seem to fit (but that's another story.)
This one is filled with Meg Cabot, Alley Carter, Sarah Dessen, Tera Lynn Childs, Jennifer Lynn Barnes and so many more. It's in my home library.
 This is is also in my library: filled with JK Rowling, Jane AUsten, Sarah J Maas, George RR Martin, Maria V Snyder, Rick Riordan, Julia Quinn, Sarah Maclean, and so many more.
This one is my to read shelf - a mixed bag here with lots of cozies, teen, and middle grade reads that I really want to read. 

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