Thursday, September 17, 2015

Review: Finding Forever

Taylor Prince is the Hollywood It Girl whose celebrating her sweet sixteen. The party gets out of hand, but then men who come through the gate aren't cops. They grab Taylor - who later wakes up in psychiatric lock down. She's told that she overdosed on drugs, shaved her head, locked herself in a bathroom, and threatened bodily harm. Taylor's never touched drugs and had no idea why she's held captive, but she's going to smile and nod until she figures out her next move.

Brooklyn Brant blogs about celebrities. It's an obsession since her father died. When Taylor Prince's assistant calls with a scoop, Brooklyn's suspicious. But the more she digs, the more she uncovers dirt. Can she reveal the truth about what happened that night?
My Thoughts: I love thrillers. This combined two very interesting elements of blogging and the new trend of books set in Hollywood. I loved the dual perspective to this book.

 I liked Brooklyn. She was smart, determined, and had a tragic history. I hope we find more about her father and his death. I also hope she branches out more with her friends. I really enjoyed the investigative efforts of Brooklyn's part. I liked the focus on writing between the blogging and journalism rules. She didn't give up easily, even after hitting a few road blocks. I also liked the moments between her and her mother. 

Taylor used her wits to help herself in a very bad situation. I liked learning more about her Hollywood life and her beliefs. 

Dr. Kensington gave me the creeps, a fantastic villain who controlled the story.  

Cover Thoughts: Interesting - I like the social media touches
Source: Sent for Review
Final Thoughts: An entertaining read that had me quickly turning the pages to see how it would end. I hope there are more Deadline Dairies in the future.

For more on the author, check out this interview with the author Ken Baker

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