Thursday, July 10, 2014

Upcoming Book Review: YOLO

 * 4th book in the Internet Girls series *
Maddie, Angie, and Zoe are back. They're attempting to survive their 1st semester at college -without each other. Navigating long distance relationships, pledging a sorority, and dealing with roommates isn't easy all while trying to stay connected with your BFFs from home.
My Thoughts: I've always been a fan of this series and I love seeing the girls go off to college and spread their wings. I love that it's still told through texts and chat messages. I enjoyed seeing the girls acclimate to their new surrounding and deal with relationship drama, friendship drama, and classes. I admire how tight they remain, not losing touch, and always being there for each other - it's impressive. A fun read with familiar friends.

Favorite part: You only Live Once - so LIVE.
And it's true. Lately I've realized that I have done things because I'm afraid of failure. (This could be a whole different blog post) I think everyone's afraid of failure, but I can't let fear stop me from trying - because then of course I'll never accomplish my dreams.

Cover Thoughts: I Like how they match the others
Source: BEA Arc
Release Date: August 26th

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