Friday, July 11, 2014

Summertime Book Review: Since You've Been Gone

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Emily and her BFF Sloan have always been inseparable. Now Sloan's vanished into thin air just before summer. Emily and Sloan had all these plans, but Emily's left to navigate summer on her own. Then she finds a letter from Sloan - with a list of things to accomplish over the summer.

It's not the first list Sloan's made for her, but immediately Emily decides to cross all the items off the list. She's hug a Jamie, deal with her fear of horses, and maybe break out of her shell.

At first the list seems to be a like a job, but soon in becomes fun. Summer starts sliding by and the list is almost complete. 
My Thoughts: Everyone raved about this book - and they were right. If you haven't read it yet - get yourself to a library or bookstore and grab a copy. Here are more reasons why I love this book:

Cover Thoughts: Eye Catching
Source: My Library

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