Friday, June 13, 2014

Summer Time Book Review: How to Meet Boys

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Lucy and her BFF Mikayla move to her grandparent's summer cabin for the summer. Lucy will work at her grandparent's store while Mikayla has a hob at the country club.  Both can't wait to start off the summer right and maybe have a summer fling.
Mikayla usually trouble talking to boys, but then she meets one that seems worth the trouble. She doesn't get his name the first few times that she meets him, but she can't wait to see him again. Lucy's annoyed to learn that she's be spending the summer working with her ex-best guy friend Jackson. They had a huge falling out years ago and she hasn't gotten over it.
Mikayla's already fallen for Jackson when she realizes his identity. How can she tell Lucy? Will her crush ruin the summer?

My Thoughts: I love Catherine Clark's books and this one is a fun summer novel with friendship, family, and relationship drama. I liked the idea of Lucy and Mikayla roughing it in their cabin and trying to have the best summer ever. I liked this honest look at crushes and friendships and communication - because it is hard to tell your best friend something that could change your relationship. Communication plays a key role in this book - not just between friends, but also with family and guys. I liked the small town charm for the summer.

Cover Thoughts: Great
Source: My Library

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