Sunday, June 29, 2014

Review: Blossom Street Brides

Blossom Street Series #11 *
Springtime makes everyone happier - usually. Lauren's realized her boyfriend might not be the one. After she ends things, she finds herself in a whirlwind relationship with a man who's the complete opposite of her. Could it be more than just a rebound relationship?

Bethanne's newly married much to her daughter's dismay. She and Max don't live together because of their job situation and it's starting to take a toll on their marriage. Her ex-husband making comments about wanting her back isn't helping.

Lydia loves her yarn store and so does the angle leaving baskets of yarn all over town for people to keep their hands busy while they're waiting. It's easy to pick up a projects and then leave it soon afterwards. So only wished she knew who was helping her out so much.
My Thoughts: I love this series - it's like catching up with old friends. I love going into the yarn shop and other places in town. I felt terrible for Bethanne and her situation - not just her marriage having troubles, but her daughter acting like a brat. I loved Rooster and Lauren starting a relationship - even though they're both so different. I loved seeing more of Lydia and her family, even if they were going through a hard time. I love the romances, the friendships, the family, and the town of this series.

Cover Thoughts: Meh. Not a huge fan
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cleemckenzie said...

The cover doesn't hint at anything the book seems to be about!