Friday, March 28, 2014

Review: Bittersweet

Hudson used to want to be a figure skater - a nationally ranked one. But that was before. Before she knew that her father cheated on her mother. Before her father left them. Before she tanked her skating career just at the most important moment of career.

Three years later, opportunity comes knocking again.Loudly. Hudson receives an invitation to a competition with a large scholarship prize. She hasn't skated since that awful day, but she finds herself wondering what if.

What if she wasn't the girl who worked at the diner. What if she could go back? Should she take that chance? As Hudson attempts to figure out the answers to these questions - life races by and she's pulled too many directions. Which life will she choose?

My Thoughts: I really liked this book. I felt bad for Hudson and how her entire life changed that one day. But I also like how she picked herself up and got on with life. I loved the baking scenes and her goofing off with Dani. I really liked Dani - how different the two girls are and how they work together. Bug was my favorite - sweet and smart. I just wanted to give him a hug. I loved the moments that Hudson spent helping out the hockey team - I loved how they gave her crap and she gave it right back. Romance, family drama, and dreams of escaping make this a wonderful read.

Cover Thoughts: It's ok, but I think a cupcake would have been better
Source: My Library

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