Thursday, May 16, 2019

Graphic Novel Review: Under the Moon

image.png From New York Times bestselling author Lauren Myracle (ttyl) and artist Isaac Goodhart, comes a poignant coming of age graphic novel about a troubled teen who leaves her turbulent home life behind for a new start on the dangerous streets of Gotham City. A powerful story about domestic abuse, survival and self-discovery, Under the Moon: A Catwoman Tale is an important read.

image.pngSelina Kyle is fiercer than she knows. But when her mom’s current boyfriend, proves crueler than all the others combined, Selina reevaluates her dismal life and since Dernell won’ leave, Selina must.

Life on the streets is rougher than Selina expects – until by chance (or fate?), she falls in with a heist-happy gang of street kids like herself. What Selena doesn’t see coming is how appealing life in a pack can be, and how tempting it is to accept the comfort that comes from trusting others. But trust leads to vulnerability, and vulnerability leads to weakness – and Selina Kyle refuses to be weak. Selina soon learns that figuring out how to survive is simple compared to figuring out how to be. - Summary from the publisher. My Thoughts: My heart aches for Selina and all that went through - from her mom's crappy boyfriend, to the death of her cat to living on the streets. The world can be cruel and life can deal crappy hands. But I like that Selina took herself out of a terrible situation. I enjoyed her learn Parkour. I'm glad that she found herself a family. I liked Bruce Wayne. I loved her moments with Rosie and how they interacted. I like how Selina came into her own. The art work is great and the colors intensify the story. I really enjoyed this book - I hope this story continues! Cover Thoughts: Awesome Source: Book sent for Review Library Recommendation: A great graphic for public library

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