Thursday, May 5, 2016

I Read YA: Throwback Thursday Edition

I just finished Aimee Friedman's Two Summers (and Loved it). 

Two Summers

But I've been reading Aimee's books for years. I love them! 

Here's how we first met:
By accident at BEA. I was talking about a book I liked to one of my librarian friends when someone in the booth overheard me and told me the author was just down there. Lisa Ann Sandell and Aimee Friedman were there talking. It was at the time of Myspace because we were all friends and they recognized my photo.

I mentioned how I loved both of their books and we talked for a few minutes.

These were the first books of Aimee's that I read. I loved this trilogy - it was flirty, fun, and full of drama, friendship, and romance.

South Beach (Alexa & Holly, #1)French Kiss (Alexa & Holly, #2)Hollywood Hills (Alexa & Holly, #3)

I saw Aimee a few more times. Our picture was taken as we talked at the signing for Sea Change. (Did you hear the big news?)

Now every year I'd look for her, always looking for more book news. Because her books are always fantastic reads. I love them. 

Have you read her books?

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