Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Books I'm Dying to Read: January Edition

With cooler weather, I'm looking forward to reading these books on the longer nights inside, maybe in front of the fire with some adult hot chocolate and a snuggling dog.

Truthwitch: Because is sounds amazing.
Night Study: Always read Maria V. Snyder. It's a rule.

Bookishly Ever After: When a boy she likes is crushing over her, girl turns to her favorite books for romantic advice
Game On: Baseball's bad point gets a second chance.
Up to this Pointe: With her dancing career over, she turns to her heritage for answers

Sword and Verse: Literacy comes at a price - so does a romance with the prince and a potential rebellion
Zero Day: After being kidnapped years ago, a daughter the White House
Drowning Eyes: Dragon ships come to destroy everything, but one young apprentice could save them

Possibility of Now: Planning too much for your future leads to an Epic meltdown
The Year We Fell Apart: Debut novel with the tagline "In the tradition of Sarah Dessen" Enough said.

Heir and the Spare: Yes to books about British royalty. Always yes.

Mr. Lemoncello's Library Olympics: Can't wait to read more about Mr. Lemoncello and his amazing library games.
Confidentially Yours: A group of friends start an advice column in their school newspaper

Goblin Puzzle: A boy, a bookish girl, a dragon, and a goblin
To Catch a Cheat: Yes more Jackson Greene.

Copy Cat Murder: Guy Fawkes day lights up Scarlett and Viv's lives
Foreign Eclairs: Say yes to the White House chef

My American Duchess: This runaway bride is determined to make it to the altar at last - except there's another gentleman who wants her heart.
Dark Days Club: Regency demon hunter

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