Thursday, January 15, 2015

Because of a Public Library...

This idea is making the rounds on Twitter, but I have SO many thoughts, that I wanted to write up a blog post instead.

Castleton Free Library - my hometown library where everything started for me 

So...because of a public library I

1. Took armfuls of books home in middle school and high school, especially in the summer. I was always a reader and the library was right across the street from my house.

2. Got my first job that I loved thanks to the library and a grant. I worked there for four summers learning so much about libraries.

3. I decided to go to graduate school and get my MLS

4. While in graduate school, I often went to the library near my apartment. I checked out the teen section and found a book called The Princess Diaries - after reading it, I decided to become a YA Librarian

5. I got my first job in a library in Rhode Island as the first YA Librarian there

6. I read tons of books - more so than I ever did in a year.

7. I was on a committee for the Rhode Island Teen Book Award - where I read outside of my comfort zone and talked passionately about the books I loved and hated with other librarians.

8. I moved libraries in my job to the brand new library in my town again as the first YA Librarian where I collaborated with co-workers in programs and presentations

9. I started this blog and have been blogging for over 5 years - because of it, I've been lots of readers, librarians, authors, and publishers. We talked about - books of course.

10. I read over 300 books a year across ages and genres. If I had to buy those books, it wouldn't be nearly as much.

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bibliojunkies said...

I loved my high school library. Every week I had my nose in a book.When I was in college, my love for reading declined some but resurfaced again when I happened to come across Alison Weir's The Life of Elizabeth I. I'd always been a history fan, even in grade school. That renewed my love for reading and history and I was stuck in Tudor England for 2 years as I read through anything of hers. Now with a family, I'm so thankful that we have two libraries - one down the street from us and the other a 10 minute drive from us if that. My kids love going and even beg us to take them. Once my eldest turns 13 she wants to volunteer there too. It's so great that your career is your passion! You're a lucky gal! ~ Bel