Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Book Influenced Vacations

This week's topic is book that made you want to visit their setting.

Love, Lucy 
for Florence. I 've been there once, but would love to spend more time there.  Isla and the Happily Ever After (Anna and the French Kiss, #3) 
Paris! I need to explore this city so much more

A Blind Spot for Boys 
for Machu Picchu - I would love to see it

Lucky Me
 Ireland - I would love to visit Dublin and the countryside

Embers & Ash (Cold Fury, #3)  
Chicago and the hidden doors of Capone

Sleigh Bells in the Snow (O'Neil Brothers, #1) 
Vermont - a resort in the winter in front of a fire and lots of snow on the ground
The Apple Orchard (Bella Vista Chronicles, #1)
 Spending a week on an artisan farm

Wish You Were Italian (If Only . . . #2)  
Italian countryside

The Geography of You and Me
 Scotland - I've always wanted to go there, since I was a kid. 

Lost in London 
London - I've never been and need to go - one day!

The Maze of Bones (The 39 Clues Series #1) 
The entire series forces the siblings to see amazing place (I'd go without all the danger)

Where do books make you want to travel?


Jamie said...

I've never heard of Love, Lucy but I need this!! I LOVE Florence. BEAUTIFUL CITY. I also had Wish You Were Italian on my list as well! And Anna and Isla...YES SO EASILY TRANSPORTS YOU TO PARIS!!!

Beth Kephart said...

this is so fantastic. a perfect idea for a post (and I love April Lindner and can't wait to read LUCY!)

Tracy said...

I love that you picked locations that you can actually visit! I hope you get to see some of them one day :)

Here are my Top Ten!

La Coccinelle said...

Machu Picchu? There's a novel featuring Machu Picchu? How cool. Yes, that would be an awesome place to visit!

Lakin Higgins said...

Awesome list! I would love to go to all of these places too!

Hannah @ Girl That Loves Books said...

Yes! Reading Isla and Anna had me pining to go back to Paris even more! When I do get the chance to go again I'm definitely going to note down some of the places from the books to visit :) x