Monday, October 6, 2014

Review: Maid of Deception

* Companion novel to Maid of Honor *
Lady Beatrice's wedding day comes to a halt at the hands of her frenemy Queen Elizabeth. The Queen's worried about the Scottish Rebellion - and more important the possibility of Scotland siding with France against England.

The Queen needs Lady Beatrice to flirt with Alasdair MacLeod and learn what she can.  At first Lady Beatrice is furious at the interruption of her wedding, but when she learns that her betrothed has secrets of his own, she realizes that she might have made a lucky escape.

Now she must figure out what she can about the rebellion and the heart of Scotland, before her future lies in shambles.
My Thoughts: The 2nd book in this companion series has the maids growing closer than ever - even starting to trust one another. I love the new camaraderie. I like learning more about Queen Elizabeth and her court - and the inner workings of it. I enjoy the deceptions and the double crossings as everyone's trying to please her without always telling the Queen the truth. I like learning more about the players at court and what's acceptable behavior for them. I felt for Lady Beatrice - first in her broken engagement, then in her dealing with the Queen delighting to make her miserable, and her concerns about her future.  While certainly Lady Beatrice can take care of herself, it's nice to know she has friends. A great follow up book filled with romance, friendship, family, danger, and intrigue. 

Cover Thoughts: I liked the first cover better than this Reign inspired one.
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