Sunday, October 12, 2014

Review: Swan Point

* Book 11 in the sweet Magnolia series *
Adelia's still a little shaken up from the break-up of her marriage. She's happy to be rid of her unfaithful husband Ernesto, but starting over is hard with four children.  Plus she feels guilt from her Catholic upbringing and her sisters aren't happy with her choice.  Still, she's moving forward. Adelia bought a new house on Swan Point, which needs a little fixing up.

Gabe has come home to Swan Point. He wants to change his life around and become something other than a trouble maker in the eyes of the town.  Yes, he had a rough time of it as a teen and left town vowing never to come back. His cousin gives him a job at his construction site.  

When Gabe and Adelia meet, neither of them is looking for love, but the sparks fly anyway. Could it be something or just a rush of chemistry?
My Thoughts: I love Sherryl Woods' books, especially this series. I love the strong women characters who band together and look out for each other. I felt bad for Adelia and how her family wasn't always supportive and behind her. I really liked Adelia's kids and how they tried to understand their new life. They were sweet, smart, and resilient.  I love their interactions with Gabe. I liked watching Gabe struggle to overcome his past and fight for his future and for himself. I really hope that the next book features Carolina because I'm worried about her. Sheryl Woods has a way of writing that gets under your skin.

Cover Thoughts: Pretty

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