Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Picture Book Review: The Presidents

The Presidents: America's Remarkable Revolutionaries

This book about the presidents is perfect for older readers, early Elementary School readers. This book will inspire them to seek out more information about these individuals. 

It highlights the presidents in a two page spread complete with quick facts, a portrait, and highlighting big moments during his time as President.

Quick Facts: 

Do You Know which President:
1. Liked to Skinny-Dip
2. Started the White House Library
3. Popularized Ice Cream
4. Was the most well-dressed
5. Was Dyslexic
6. Went Skydiving to celebrate his birthday?

I hope another book about the First Ladies is on the way!

* Book sent for review

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Christine P. said...

So, I homeschool and this sounds like a book my kids would totally be into! Thanks for the review!