Monday, August 6, 2018

Review: Annie's Life in Lists

Annie's Life In Lists
Annie's life took a turn when she accidentally spilled the beans about her address to the school - and got herself expelled. Now instead of living in Brooklyn, they moved to the suburbs. Annie's brother isn't speaking to her. Annie can't believe she messed up and babbled without thinking.

She isn't sure she lives life outside of the city, but she's trying. It's hard when she's also trying to keep her memory a secret. Fifth grade isn't easy under normal circumstances, but she doesn't want everyone thinking she's a freak too. but hiding her true self doesn't always make her happy.

Can she be happy in Clover Gap?

My Thoughts: I loved this book from the format to the content. So here's my list of reasons why:
1. Annie's memory
2. Exploring a new small town
3. Friendship Drama
4. Relationship with her brother
5. All the humor (look for the underwear moment)
6. The Clover Festival 
7. The Random Lists 
8. Nerdy Moments - love for Harry Potter
9. Finding peace with herself
10. The illustrations

Cover Thoughts: Charming
Source: Book sent for Review
Library Recommendation: Perfect for school and public libraries. This debut author is one to watch! 

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