Thursday, April 16, 2015

Upcoming Review: Material Girls

Teens rule the fashion world, sitting on the superior courts holding power over the trends.  Marla holds a position on one of these courts where she fights for her favorite designs and dismisses those she dislikes.

Once she was on top of the world.  Except now, her opinions which once made her famous have gotten her fired from the court. Instead she’s moved from the high court to the drafters who design all the clothes without any glory. They are the bottom feeders in the system.

A group of drafters befriend Marla; they start whispering in her ear about the unjust system and their hopes for changing it. Soon Marla thinks about helping her new friends create a makeover for the fashion world.
My Thoughts: I really enjoyed this book set in the future. I loved the idea that teens control the fashion industry. Consumerism and fashion trends strike at the heart of this novel. 

This book reminded me of So Yesterday from Scott Westerfeld and the world of consumerism. I wonder if it will make readers think about their purchases and their wardrobe and the fashion world. 

I liked the side story of the pop star who thrived in this environment, but who starts to question everything. I really like how Ivy Wilde pushed the boundaries of fashion as a game.

Final Thoughts: With the obsession of fashion and trying to look perfect in society, this book might help teens start to question the relevance of being comfortable in your own skin versus being popular and hiding your true self.  

Cover Thoughts: I really like it.
Book out in early May
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Great review! Definitely a title I'll have to add for a future purchase for my school library.