Saturday, April 18, 2015

Mysterious Saturday Review; Dark Chocolate Demise

Mel and Angie are participating in the first annual Old Town Zombie Walk - in full costume. The day is going well, until disaster strikes. At first, Mel thinks Angie's playing a trick on her. Soon she realizes that the body in their coffin display isn't fooling around.

A sigh of relief goes around the bakery crew, when they realize Angie isn't dead. But someone who looks similar and dressed in the same costume is dead.

Now Joe and Angie's brothers have created around the clock surveillance on the bakery. The death could have been a mob hit and it could be in relation to the case Joe is currently working on. Could Mel and Angie be in danger or was this murder unrelated?
My Thoughts: I love this series - for the friendship, for the romance, for the quirky secondary characters, and for the cupcakes. Seriously my mouth waters every time I read one of these books and I always crave cupcakes.

I love the moments between Mel and Tate and Mel and Angie. They've funny, sweet, and supportive. Mel tries to calm Angie after the murder, even putting herself in danger to get answers.

I liked the return of Roach and his need for closure with Angie. His moments with Tate were priceless. The moments between Joe and Mel were both sweet and frustrating - I can't wait to see what happens next.

I really loved getting to know more of Angie's brothers. They added comic relief to the tension of the book. I hope to see more of them.

As usual, that ending makes me need the next book immediately. 

Cover Thoughts: Great
Source: My Library

Final Thoughts: Cupcakes, friendships, romance, and murder - how can you go wrong with this series? It's perfect. Pick up the first book and start reading. 

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