Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Reviews: Tale of Two Pretties

Warning **** SPOILERS from the previous novels ****

With Massie's family news, the clique reels from shock. The New Year is bringing all sorts of surprises. Massie's broke, Alicia's psychic mentions she could be upgrading to an Alpha, Dylan's family has a new reality show and she's sworn to secrecy, Kristen won a spot on an elite soccer squad which means she's giving up all her free time, and Claire's family bought a house and she's moving out of the Block estate.

Each of the Pretty Committee member holds on tight to her secret. No one wants the group to change. Little by little the secrets spill forth. Could this be the end of an era or will their ah-mazing luck keep them together again?

My Thoughts: I'm sad the Clique has ended, but I love the ending. I also love Lisi Harrison's letter to her readers explaining the reasons for the ending and dedicating this book to them. A fun flirty series featuring mean girls, fashion, boys, crushes, frenemies, friendships, and being true to yourself. I loved the differences between Claire and Massie and the ending between them.

Cover Thoughts: Cute - as always

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