Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Review: The Carrie Diaries

Carrie Bradshaw lives in a small town that she's ready to escape. She can't wait for her senior year to end so her real life can begin. But even so, she wants to have a killer year to remember. It starts off slow, but soon a boy moves back to town.

Carrie crushed on Sebastian years ago and now that he's back, her heart doesn't stand a chance. In upsetting the most popular girl in school, she snags him for her boyfriend.

While she loves that he picked her, she can't help but wonder if she's good enough for him. She can't give him up, but she doesn't always like the way her treats her. Nor does she always like her behavior when she's around him.

Will she let this boy ruin her senior year fun or is he the key to her happiness?

My Thoughts: While I enjoyed reading about Carrie's life in her teen years, I didn't love this book. I hated Sebastian. I hated Carrie's reaction towards him - and yet in all the girls/women I know, they've been in at least one of this type of relationship. Still, his behavior drove me crazy. I liked watching Carrie struggle with her writing. I liked her relationships with her friends, as you can see little pieces of her character in her adult years. I love the last little bit of the book where she views the world differently. I loved the ending (even though it was predictable). Overall, I'm glad I read the book. I was extremely curious about it and it was entertaining. I wonder if there will be a sequel starting her New York life.

The Cover: Ok, but I liked the UK version better

Source: My Library


Jessica said...

I'm so torn with this one...can't decide if I'll like it or not. Eventually I'll ILL it.

Loraine said...

What an awesome review! Here's mine if you don't mind:

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