Thursday, October 22, 2009

Teen Read Week Book 3: Sphinx's Princess

Nefertiti is not a princess but her father is the sister of the Royal Wife to the Pharaoh. When Queen Tiye hears about Nefertiti's beauty, she's determined to make her a Princess in order to marry her first born son. She orders Nefertiti's family to her side where she manipulates the family into giving Nefertiti's hand in marriage. There is a catch, Nefertiti will not marry for three years, but in that time she must reside in the royal household. Sadness overwhelms her as she says goodbye to her family, not knowing when she'll ever see them again. She moves into the women's suite where she's given a comfortable room. The other women in the suite are junior wives of the Pharaoh. Due to Queen Tiye's paranoia, she's not allowed to communicate with any of them. Instead, her loneliness threatens her state of mind. Before long, she begins to take secret scribing lessons again. While Nefertiti rarely spends any time with her betrothed, a cold man, she enjoys his brother's company greatly. He teaches her how to drive a chariot and shows her around the city. But when Nefertiti's betrothed learns of this, he threatens his bride to be. When the Pharaoh leaves the palace for an extended period of time and leaves his first born son in charge, the change in him is overwhelming. Nefertiti can't believe the difference and she just might fall in love with him - but when an accusation comes her way, can he save her?

An enchanting beginning tale of the strong feisty character of Nefertiti. The cover intrigues me too and it looks very similar to the Nobody YA novels. This historical fiction makes me want to read a biography of Nefertiti to find out more info. A second book is in the works, which is great because this book ends on a cliff hanger.

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Lana said...

The cliffhanger was rough! I can't wait for the next one to come out.

I've heard great things about Michelle Moran's Nefertiti for a more in depth look at her life.