Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Giveaway: Supergirl

About the Book:
Welcome to Midvale, home to Liberty High School and an unusual girl names Kara Danvers. While it may seem like your ordinary town, girls like Kara make it extraordinary. She's super-strong, she can fly, and she crash-landed on Earth in a rocket ship. But for Kara Danvers, winning the next track meet, celebrating her 16th birthday, and surviving her latest mega-zit are her top concerns. Now Kara's incredible powers are kicking into high gear and people she trusted are revealing creepy motives. The time has come for her to choose between the world where she was born and the only world she's every known.

About the Author:
Markio Tamaki is an award-winning Canadian writer living in Oakland California. She's the author of Saving Montgomery Sole and the co-creator with Jillian Tamaki of This One Summer, which received the prestigious Eisner and Ignartz awards as well as Caldecott and Printz honors. Her growing slate of critically acclaimed comics and graphic novels included Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Tomb Raider, Adventure Time, She-Hulk, Lumberjanes, SuperGirl and New Super-Man.

On Thursday, I got to chat with the author.

Today I'm giving away one copy!
(US only please)


Danielle H. said...

I would choose to have the power of flight then I would never have to worry about traffic jams or potholes again.

starzine said...

I would like to have the strength that Supergirl has.

Virginia said...

I would love her ability of being super strong. Followed on Twitter as @Berryshortkake

lkw1974 said...

Strength, thank you

Trim girl said...

I would like to have her Strength